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Digital Ads for Medical Healthcare Practices

Paid digital ads are one of the fastest, targeted and traceable ways to reach the right patient/customer in the right geographical area for your medical healthcare practice. Medical healthcare PPC and social media advertising strategies will attract more patients/customers to your practice and make you receive more calls get and more booked appointments. We leverage the digital advertisement platforms for medical practices.

Benefits of Advertising for Doctors

Accelerate your practice growth with precision targeted advertisements to your patients/customers

Paid Advertising for medical healthcare practices is when you leverage advertising platforms like Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising and Facebook Ads to buy placements for your service offerings content to strategically get you in front of your ideal patient/customer. We utilize various digital advertising platforms based on our expertise and knowledge of which platform that will generate the highest results for the lowest cost per acquisition.

Google Ads & PPC

Microsoft Ads & PPC

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

YouTube Ads

Geofencing Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Display Ads

Retargeting Ads

End-to-End Tracking and Clarity on Your Paid Advertisement Program

Your advertisement dollars on paid ads will effectively be put to good use.

Our end-to-end paid ads funnels, also complete with tracking so you know what is working and where we can improve so you can focus on providing care to your new and returning patients/customers.

Call Tracking

Form Tracking

Marketing Growth Dashboard

A/B Testing

Healthcare Digital Advertising Agency Services

Healthcare Paid Search

Search and/or PPC advertisement for doctors are one of the most commonly used forms of paid advertising for medical practices. There is already a high level of interest in patient/customer booking because they're actively searching for a solution to their health-related issue(s). Our strategies get you in front of them at the top of search results by leveraging our pay per click advertising solutions.

Social Media Ads for Medical Practices

Social media advertisement include several different publishing platforms, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. We utilize all of these platforms for various practices depending on the types of specialty, patient/customer demographics, or offerings we are marketing. It allows us the ability to improve the overall campaign performance and reach the right patients/customer for your specific specialty type. Our team will create and distribute advertisement graphics and videos for all to see.

Geofencing Ads for Medical Practices

Geofencing Ads are advertisements to patients/customers that utilize a virtual boundary around a specific geographical area to target those patients/customers. For example, targeting a specific patient/customer profile within a 7-mile radius of your office or facility for a particular treatment you provide. This a powerful way to ensure we are reaching patients/customers in your specific location areas.

Retargeting Ads for Medical Practices

Retargeting ads give us the ability to retarget ads to patients/customers that have already engaged with you before. This is often one of the lowest costs per conversion because they're already familiar with your brand. An example of this would be a potential patient/customer who visits your website to learn more about your pain treatments and we serve them with a social media advertisement on their Facebook page with a portion of a content about how you specialize in said treatment to get them to book a consultation.

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