Health Connect by Android (

Share data between your favorite apps and devices


A central set of controls to manage health and fitness data

Health Connect by Android (

A central dashboard in your mobile phone settings shows you who you’re sharing your data with and what data you’re sharing. You can shut off access or delete data you don’t want on your device at any time. You also have the option to prioritize one data source over another when using multiple apps.

Privacy and security - at the heart of health connect

Health Connect by Android (

Health Connect gives you an easy way to store and connect the data between your health and fitness applications, without compromising on privacy. You, the individual decides who you want to share your data with and what types of data you want to share.

Enabling developers to create richer experiences For Android users

Health Connect by Android (

With user permission, developers can securely access data from a variety of apps and devices through Health Connect, using a single set of APIs and a standardized data schema.

Developers can integrate with Health Connect today.

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