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[Unlocking the power of healthcare data]


Poor access to the information clinicians need is leading many doctors to burn out. Care Studio is designed to streamline a clinician’s workflow and give them more time where it’s most valuable — caring for patients.

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Today’s medical data is often siloed, health records live within and across multiple systems. Care Studio simplifies complex information by creating a real-time, normalized longitudinal representation of a person’s clinical data.

[The power of Search for medicine]

Care Studio leans on Google’s expertise in organizing information to help clinicians find health record information faster. The tool’s Clinical Search feature enables clinicians to simply type what they’re looking for and quickly find the specific information requested and even related concepts.

[Important information first]

Our tools give clinicians a single, centralized view that automatically brings forward a patient’s important information — including hospital visits, outpatient events, laboratory tests, medications and treatment and progress notes. The intuitive interface offers unique ways to visualize health data and trends in tables, graphs and other helpful formats.

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[Privacy is a core tenet]

Care Studio is designed to adhere to industry-wide regulations and best practices that protect patient data and govern how data can be used and processed, including HIPAA. Google does not own, nor do they ever sell, patient data. They implement administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect information.

[Helping to advance care]

Google is using technology and AI to support clinicians as we improve the ways we receive, deliver and take care of ourselves and each other.

[Creating a longitudinal health record]

Care Studio connects data from different siloes and harmonizes it into a single longitudinal health record for each of your patients.

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