Healthcare Digital Marketing Services in South Florida

Digital Marketing Services in South Florida -

[Digital Marketing Services]

Creative Services Management Overseeing All Visual Content: Social, Video, Collateral and Promotional.

✔️Google Advertising 

✔️Facebook Advertising

✔️Instagram Advertising 

✔️Microsoft Advertising

✔️YouTube Advertising 

Starting at $350.00

Monthly Service

1. Design and Lead Execution of Digital Strategy

2. Develop Social Media Organic and Paid Strategy

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Technical Optimizations and Content Release

4. Blog Entry and Publishing

5. Customer and Visitor Interaction and Engagement

6. Image, Photo and Video Production and Uploads

7. Website Updates and Backlinks

8. Visitor Email Acquisition Strategy

RJO Ventures, Inc.

2221 NE 164TH Street, Suite 369

Miami, FL 33160


Phone: 786-208-1529

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